Street Shopping In India

Whatever your budget, Indian street markets have something for every shopper.  Even though mega-malls have cropped up in all parts of India, street shopping still charms every shopper with ethnic treats displaying the cultural vibe of the country.  Shopping in the open fresh air at a leisurely pace is a great way to talk to locals, and find amazing deals.

Whichever city you visit, you can always find a local market nearby.  Here is a list of the top street shopping destinations in India. Make sure that you carry a large, empty bag because you’re bound to bring back more than just memories!

Where To Do It!

Scroll down to have a look at some of the most famous places for cheap shopping in India and get ready to start an incredible journey.

1. Bengaluru

What was once a local flea market, is now a full-fledged market offering a wide range brands at varied prices. Located less than a mile away from the famous MG road in Bangalore, Commercial street is a haven, offering the simplest of nick-knacks to the most trending outfits.

Tourists love the exquisite collection of crockery, especially tea sets, dinner sets and long-necked jugs (surahis). Bell hangings and giant clocks are other attractions.

Tip: Don’t forget to buy Mysore Silk from Commercial Street.

shutterstock_515087050.jpg2. Kolkata

An exquisite hub of around 2,000 stalls, the New Market in Kolkata is the oldest Indian street market. The beautiful red brick Gothic structure of the bazaar holds testimony to the past grandeur as locals hop on to the site to purchase from a huge diversity of stuff -from cakes to linen and fruits, fish, garments, accessories, trinkets, flowers, silver jewelry and the famous Bengali Sari.

3. Jaipur

Jaipur has the most colorful street markets. Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur flaunts its famous Jaipuri dupattas, antique jewelry, and ‘mojaris’ made from camel skin.


Often called the pride of Jaipur, the Johari Bazaar is most well-known for the traditional Rajasthani art jewelry, which is cherished by people throughout the world. Johri literally means “jeweler” in Hindi and the market is the hub of vendors, silversmiths trading in silver, diamond, gold, precious and semi-precious stones like emerald, sapphire, turquoise etc. as well as pearls.

4. Mumbai

An important Indian street market, Fashion Street in Mumbai is where you will find the best collection of all the trendy clothing, accessories, and lip-smacking street food. A perfect place for impulsive as well as planned shoppers, Fashion Street is an ideal place to experience cheap shopping in India. The prices are very reasonable here as the market is majorly visited by students. Everything is available in this huge market like gadgets and electronics, jeans, track pants, shirts, skirts, ethnic wear, bracelets, bangles, sunglasses, accessories, and more.

Tip: Beware of pickpockets while engaging in street shopping in Mumbai.

5. Goa


Goa is a lot more than just beaches and parties. Shopping amidst the tranquil weather of Goa is every shopper’s dream. The Arpora Saturday Night Market enables vacationers to shop under beautiful lights and acoustic live music in the background.  You can find here handcrafted art pieces, hammocks, scarves, spices, jewelry, traditional dresses, hats, bags and footwear and other Goan handicrafts, all along with delicious street food.

6. Hyderabad

An elegant and graceful abode to everything that might captivate a shopper’s heart is the Laad Bazaar in Hyderabad. It has a wide range of products from colorful bangles to pearls and from ‘khada dupattas’ to naturally scented perfumes. Moreover, Laad Bazaar is located in the close proximity of the world famous Charminar which eventually attracts tourist attention as well.

7. Ooty

To satisfy the chocolaterian in you, do not miss the Tibet Walk when in Ooty. After all, what can be more beautiful than a market full of chocolate shops! A step into this market will make you feel like you’ve entered Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! This is one of the best places for street shopping in India and will not disappoint the chocolate lover in you. Other than chocolates, you can pamper the shopaholic in you by buying quality blankets, quilts, and other winter wear at very reasonable prices.


8. Delhi

Janpath in New Delhi is another important Indian street market to experience quality street shopping in India. You’ll find here a Tibetan market, a Gujarati market, a Flea market, and a main market all in one. Janpath is a one-stop shop for everyone who wishes to buy merchandise at dirt cheap rates. The market is very beautiful and has an eclectic aura. You won’t return empty handed at any cost. Moreover, do not forget to try the delicious street food that Janpath has.

Tip: Double check everything you buy for defects.

9. Hawa Mahal Market, Jaipur

Hawa Mahal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jaipur. Almost every person who plans to visit the city has this beautiful palace on their itinerary. The Hawa Mahal market – situated at the foot of the beautiful palace, is loaded with vendors selling jewelery (both precious & semi-precious), Jaipuri juttis, lehengas, light souvenirs, carpets, artefacts and edible stuff too!

This market is home to some unique products like Goat leather bags, Jaipuri hand printing blocks, Kurtis with Sanganeri prints, pottery and mirror work items.


10. Police Bazaar, Shillong

Police Bazaar in Shillong is most renowned market in the Indian State of Meghalaya. There are numerous options to shop from site and many different kinds of attractive merchandise are arranged in the in the chain array while other stuff are located around different corners of the market. The bazaar is a wonderful showcase of the local arts and crafts of Meghalaya and handicrafts and artistic products made from cane and bamboo are its chief attractions.

11. Jew Town, Kochi

Jew Town, located in Mattancherry in Kochi (Cochin), is popular street market hub for antique shops. One can find shops with elegant handicrafts, Kolapuris, and paintings laid out on the road.

Little small enterprises are packed together in the old, dilapidated buildings with the ambiance emitting aromas of cardamom, ginger, cumin, turmeric and cloves etc. Jew Town still retains some of the old world charm and one may still find Jewish names on the top of some of the buildings. It is nevertheless a cool place to hang out with a number of cafes and snack outlets allowing for a wonderful day-out in area.

12. Pondicherry

Primarily a handicraft market, the Serenity Beach Bazaar in Pondicherry is one of the most amazing and interesting bazaars and a happening place for the locals, open under the shade of coconut palms and located within a walking distance of the sea. One can find lots of variety of various stuff like traditional handicrafts, garments to bags, ceramics and accessories and much more.

13. Imphal

A market with a unique distinction of being run only by women, the Ima market is a wonderful proof of the tradition of equality, running within the Manipuri society. The market, as one of the parts of the Khwairamband Bazaar deals in virtually all kinds of items-from fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, dried fish to clothes and woolens, local herbs and other local handlooms.

14. Jodhpur

Pulsating with a unique vibrancy, at the foot of the imposing Mehrangarh Fort, Sadar Market is a crisscrossing network of narrow lanes, dotted with stalls, shops and shacks selling numerous items. A favorite with locals and a must visit for domestic and international travelers, a diverse array of items can be found at the bazaar. Jewelry, wedding clothes, kitchenware, steel utensils, spices, vegetables, sweets, silver, handicrafts as well as items like leather shoes can be found here at reasonable rates.

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