Shopping Guide

Just like music, art and sports; shopping is an expression of oneself. Look at your favorite purchases, and you will know where your heart lies.

shutterstock_510248776.jpg1. CHENNAI

Apart from tourism activities, Chennai is filled with luxury malls that offer a luxurious shopping experience. Souvenirs are best bought in street shops. And oh yes, prepare yourself to haggle vehemently.

What to Buy:

Handicrafts, Clothing, Accessories, Toys, Kancheepuram Silk Materials, Mahabalipuram Stone sculptures, among other things.

Where to Buy:

  • T-Nagar
  • Ritchie Street
  • Pondy Bazaar
  • Parry’s Corner
  • Nungambakkam

shutterstock_458480749.jpg2. DELHI 

You can almost find anything in Delhi. In recent years, Delhi has become home to many new mega malls.

What to Buy: 

Handicrafts, Spices, Dry Fruits, Clothing, Fashion Items. Other common items are Jewels, Accessories, Leather Items, Electronics and Handlooms.

Where to Buy:

  • Janpath Market
  • Khari Baoli
  • Dilli Haat
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Connaught Place

shutterstock_570476782.jpg3. GOA

Goa is a beach paradise, but it has more to offer than just sunshine and nightlife.  With Portuguese’s rule centuries ago, the city still imbibes some European culture.  Unique items found here are spices and cashew wine.

What to Buy

Cashews, Feni, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves, Port Wine, quality silk, exquisite carpets, bronze products and other exciting trinkets like seashells, show pieces, knotted mats, hand-made hats, masks made out of coconut shells and husks.

Where to Buy:

  • Baga Market
  • Flea Market Of Anjuna
  • Tibetan Markets
  • Margao Market
  • Arpora Saturday Night Market
  • Panjim Market
  • Calangute Market Square

shutterstock_272993045.jpg4. JAIPUR

The Pink City celebrates shopping in all its hues. The city organizes fairs and expos periodically to give a platform to artisans from far and near to showcase their talent.  Jaipur clothing has a special place in today’s style world. They are durable, affordable and high quality material.

What to Buy: 

Gold, Silver & Kundan Jewelry, different types of Dress Materials, Shawls, Bangles, Precious Gemstones, Marble Works, Brassware, Wood Items, Leather Items, Puppets, Pottery Items and Others

Where to Buy:

  • Johri Bazaar
  • Bapu Bazaar
  • Badi Chaupar
  • Nehru Bazaar
  • Chaura Rasta
  • Gaurav Towers
  • Tripolia Bazaar
  • Chandpol Bazaar

shutterstock_1325564231.jpg5. JODHPUR

Jodhpur is the wonderland of mojaris, odhanis (dupattas), spices, leather products and a number of handicrafts. If solid colors, block prints and Rajasthani motifs are your style, then you can find them on anything from wall hangings, bed covers and rugs to clothes.

What to Buy: 

Flavored Herbal Tea, Leather Goods, Marble Figures, embroidered shoes, Dry and Fresh Spices, Fabrics, Bangles, Leather Items, Metal Items, Antiques, Henna Products,Puppets, Pottery, Silver Items, Painting and others.

Where to Buy:

  • Clock Tower Market
  • Naisarak
  • Sojati Gate Market
  • Mochi Bazaar
  • Tripolia Bazaar

shutterstock_719387332.jpg6. MUMBAI

The City of Dreams is a shopaholic’s paradise. Flea markets, malls, designer boutiques and a number of shopping arcades cater to 12 million people every day in Mumbai!

What to Buy: 

Traditional Embroidery Work, Leather Goods (Purses, Wallets with Traditional Motifs), Incense and Perfume Oils, Jewelry, Lampshades, Musical Instruments, Ayurvedic Skin Products, Kolhapuri Chappals

Where to Buy:

  • Colaba Causeway
  • Linking Road, Bandra
  • Lokhandwala Market, Andheri
  • Fashion Street, MG Road

shutterstock_454025767.jpg7. MYSORE

Rich cuisine, ornamental palaces, beautiful gardens… everything in Mysore has a laid back charm that reflects the city’s royal heritage, and shopping is no exception. From intricate and authentic Mysore paintings, to vibrant silk saris and an unimaginable variety of sandalwood handicrafts, shopping in Mysore is a treat for every art enthusiast. One can find many secret treasures at local shops that not yet made their way on to the Internet.

What to Buy: 

Sandalwood Products, Wooden Toys, Khadi Cotton fabric, Mysore Paintings, Rosewood Souvenirs, Silk Sarees, Stone Sculptures

Where to Buy:

  • Devaraja Market
  • Sandalwood Oil Factory
  • Cauvery Arts & Crafts Emporium
  • Government Silk Factory
  • Ashoka Road

shutterstock_309339749.jpg8. SRINAGAR

Kashmir is known for its mind-blowing scenes of the Himalayas, a snow-clad heaven on earth. In addition to that, there are ample opportunities for shopping in paradise.

What to Buy: 

Things to buy here are Essential Oils, Antique Silver Jewelry, Pashmina Shawl, Handlooms, Kashmiri saffron, pink tea, and rugs.

Where to Buy:

  • JK Government Emporium
  • Lal Chowk Area
  • Mughal Garden Road
  • Cottage Industries Emporium
  • Kukar Bazaar
  • Pampore Field
  • Polo Market

shutterstock_1097064722.jpg9. VARANASI

Known all over the world for their lustre, fine weaving and elaborate embroidery with silver and gold thread, Benarasi saris have single-handedly made Varanasi (Benaras) one of the busiest shopping destinations of India. Brassware is another specialty of Varanasi.

What to Buy: 

Benaras silk, Copper vessels, Minakari work, Wood Works

Where to Buy:

  • Peeli Kothi
  • Bylanes
  • Temple Shops
  • Kachori Gali
  • Vishwanath Gali
  • Sarnath

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