Traveling by sleeper bus


If you want to save on a nights accommodation and travel a long distance in India for not much more than $10, then the overnight sleeper bus might just be for you.

shutterstock_1394374847What is a Sleeper Bus?

A sleeper bus is pretty much what the words say. A bus with beds that you can (or can’t) sleep on. There are two tiers down either side of the coach with double or single beds. Even though a fitted sheet is provided, I highly suggest carrying a sheet with you to use.

See the section Packing Essentials for more on this. Some buses are overnight seat sleepers, very much similar to airplane seats.

It’s cheap, usually about 10-12 USD.

What’s most important to know is that there are no toilets.  This might be a deal-breaker for many.

You save on a nights accommodation. Saving money on hotels always makes those traveling on a budget happy.

What You Can Expect on a Sleeper Bus


  • Curtains for privacy. They give a certain degree of separateness.
  • Don’t expect blankets, pillows, water, etc.
  • Don’t book the back berths unless you want to experience sleeping in a bouncy castle.
  • You can sit up and read, or watch daily life through the window.
  •  It’s an experience that you will be able to brag to your grandchildren about. A sleeper bus is real hardcore Indian travel experience.
  • Keep all valuables and paperwork on you. Luggage is stored in a compartment underneath the bus.

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