Western Indian Cuisine


Geographical and historical diversity has given rise to a variety of dishes in the western part of India. Varying landscape from the arid deserts to wet coastal lands has contributed to the variety in cuisine here.

This region consists of three states: Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa.

Rice is the staple food in the western India.

Gujarat‘s cuisine is mostly vegetarian and has an underlying sweetness to many of its dishes. It is famous for sweet, sour, or spicy flavored chutneys, cooked with pickled vegetables and fruits.

In the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Goa, fish is available in abundance and is delicately prepared by marinating in tantalizing spices.


Goa, with its Portuguese colonial influence, offers exotic seafoods like crab and prawn, and meat like pork and beef. The base for gravies is prepared with vinegar, a characteristic ingredient used in Goan cuisine. The most famous Goan dish popular world over is Vindaloo, its name deriving from Vinho de Alho, a Portuguese marinade consisting primarily of garlic, wine, vinegar, and chilies.

Maharashtra‘s cuisine is packed with subtly flavored vegetarian delicacies, and hot aromatic meat and fish curries. Crunchy, crisp sweets made mostly from rice and jaggery  (unprocessed sugar) are also a favorite.  Maharashtra’s seafood cuisine is cooked and simmered in coconut milk before spices are added for flavor.

Mumbai has its own pot-pouri of dishes like vada pav, misal and pav bhaji, which are immensely popular across India.

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