Eating Tips


1) Eat only freshly cooked food.

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This is the best way to avoid getting sick due to bacteria or a parasite. Cooking kills everything.

2) Don’t eat salads, fresh juices or anything raw.

Uncooked food could have been washed with contaminated water which will make you go running for the toilet.  If you’re on a raw food diet, I recommend you change your diet while in India.

3) Eat exclusively from respectable restaurants that are busy. Also try restaurants at 4 and 5 star hotels if you want to be certain of amazingly delicious food.

4) Never ever eat street food.


Some people boldly show-off how they enjoyed Indian street food and didn’t get sick. Good for them!  If your stomach is not used to spicy food from foreign countries, I would highly recommend not risking your trip.

As a native of India, who has lived in the USA for over twenty years now, I have a hard time consuming street food.  Without getting into the biology of my experience, all I know is that my stomach can no longer process the spices used in Indian street food. So, I stick to upper scale restaurants like Haldirams, where I can get my fill of street food in a decent setting without upsetting my stomach.

5) Probiotics and charcoal are a lifesaver.  Probiotics boost the good bacteria in your stomach, improve digestion and increase natural immunity.  Charcoal tablets are very useful for stopping diarrhea and preventing dysentery, as they absorb toxins and other pathogens.

6) Avoid too much spicy food, especially chilies.

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Some spices are good, but in my experience chilies act as a laxative which is probably something you don’t want. If you are not used to eating spicy food, don’t start on the trip.

Just say “Mirch bill-cool nahi” to the server. which means “absolutely no spice”. 

7) Consider becoming a vegetarian while you’re there. India has one of the lowest meat consumption rates in the world. If you can, consider becoming a vegetarian while in India to reduce the chances of getting food poisoning.

8) Eat at a fast-food chain:


McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell all have improvised their menus to cater to Indian tastes.

Western fast food chains are not considered the lower end of the dining experience in India. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the menu, the service and quality of food here.

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