Eastern Indian Cuisine

Eastern Indian cuisine is primarily known for its desserts. Popular throughout the country, they are also frequently found in Indian restaurants around the world.

shutterstock_723095020The eastern region of India consists of states like Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa. Rice is the staple food of eastern India. Dishes here are flavored with mustard seeds, poppy seeds, and mustard oil, giving dishes a light pungency. Fish also  prominently features in the dishes of this region. Overall, the food here is a more lightly spiced than those from other regions.

shutterstock_376608724A wide variety of dishes are prepared from fishes. Hilsa is the most common and popular fishes if this region. Several delicacies are made of Hilsa, and a variety of fishes like: Rohu, Vetki etc, which are sure to satiate your taste buds.

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