The Panchkarma Experience

Panchkarma is one of the most popular holistic detox therapies of India. It is a five-step complete rejuvenation experience that comprises of herbal oil massages, steam baths, cleansing enemas and other purifying practices.

A Panchkarma “retreat” is a misnomer, and is definitely not a spa holiday with poolside massages and green juices. It is a mind-body experience that will ooze toxins out of all orifices of your body – butt, nose and ears included.

11 Can’t-Miss Things to Do when in India

During my time living in India for about 15 years (till I turned 25), I got to understand the country in a unique way. I found my fellow countrymen to be warm and big-hearted, but also traditional and dogmatic, almost as if stuck in the past. Every year, we would go traveling to some part of the country, and I got to experience many surprises, adventures and frustrations along the way.

5 tips to emotionally prepare for India

If you are planning to visit India, then be ready for an experience of a lifetime. Your trip is sure to be terrific, intoxicating, crazy, daunting and mystifying. If it is your first-time visiting India, planning logistically is not enough, prepare to have your emotions overwhelmed. These tips will help you accept most emotionally challenging situations you may come across on your visit.

India – a land of stark contradictions

When someone mentions the word “India”, your mind probably jumps to spicy food, hot summer days, tandoori naan, butter chicken, the Himalayas, computer engineers, Mahatma Gandhi, Bollywood and probably even traffic jams, rickshaws and call centers.