5 camel safaris you must go on

Imagine yourself majestically riding through scorched, windswept deserts on camel back and camping out under the heavenly stars!  If you’re looking to experience something unique and new in your travels, a camel safari may just be what you’re looking for.  Camels, also known as the ships of the desert, have historically been the lifelines of these golden landscapes.

Celebrating 9 Nights of the Goddess

During Navratri, the nine avatars of Goddess Durga are worshiped on each night.  Goddess Durga is the combined energy of the three supreme goddesses (Lakshmi + Saraswati + Parvati) and fire ceremonies are performed to win over enemies and eradicate negativity. Each avatar of the Goddess has a unique color associated with it; and devotees adorn themselves in that color each respective day.

5 tips to emotionally prepare for India

If you are planning to visit India, then be ready for an experience of a lifetime. Your trip is sure to be terrific, intoxicating, crazy, daunting and mystifying. If it is your first-time visiting India, planning logistically is not enough, prepare to have your emotions overwhelmed. These tips will help you accept most emotionally challenging situations you may come across on your visit.