5 camel safaris you must go on

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Imagine yourself majestically riding through scorched, windswept deserts on camel back and camping out under the heavenly stars!  If you’re looking to experience something unique and new in your travels, a camel safari may just be what you’re looking for.  Camels, also known as the ships of the desert, have historically been the lifelines of these golden landscapes.

Exploring the deserts of India on a camel and witnessing the rustic, rural life is a perfect way to see the real India.  This is easily one of the most enchanting experiences you can have.  Admire the sand dunes extending for miles ahead as far as your eye can see. For me, personally it has always brought a sense of peace and delight within me.

When I first saw the vast empty desert all around me… life’s problems seemed so small compared to the vastness in front of me.  It was like a mystical magical journey, slowing time, and very unlike anything else I’d experienced.

Here are five places in India well known for camel safaris. (There are more, however, I decided to keep this post short and cover only the top five.)


  1. Ladakh

Ladakh is a small town in the northern region of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Nestled within the Himalayan range, it is nothing short of a traveler’s paradise. A camel ride is an intriguing way to explore the rugged terrains and off-beat paths that are less known to the average traveler.

Traversing through rutted mountain terrains, you will get to admire beautiful colorful landscapes and enchanting remote villages. The slow pace of a camel is perfect for sightseeing and taking in the majestic views.  Spending the evenings under the star-studded skies is a perfect finale to the already magical day.  This is one safari you will always remember.


  1. Jaisalmer

A town where camel rides are the thing to do is Jaisalmer. This small quaint town in state of Rajasthan will entice you with its cobbled boulevards, golden sand-duned deserts and medieval architecture. From Jaisalmer, take a camel ride to Badanagh where you can see the tombs of Bhatti Rajput Kings.

Be sure to visit the village of Baisakhi where you will find beautiful temples and numerous sanctuaries. From there, visit the town of Roopsi that is known for its pristine ancient architectural building ruins. It will be like a treasure hunt, except each moment is a treasure in itself.

  1. Bikaner

The town of Bikaner, also in the state of Rajasthan is famous for its camel safaris, desserts, floor coverings and lip-smacking food. Camel safaris begin here and will take you southwards through the towns of Baru, Kansar, Naukh, Tadana and Mohangarh. This town is also a shoppers paradise and you can find many amazing knick-knacks to collect and cherish.


  1. Mandawa

Mandawa is one of the most popular towns in Rajasthan for a camel safari.  You will ride past homes bearing exquisitely painted wall murals, making it a paradisaical haven for photographers.  Admire the beautiful murals painted on the magnificent homes (also called “havelis”) lining the streets. Your camel ride would cover most of the spectacular havelis and take you to Castle Mandawa for a royal affair with history and extravagant luxuries.shutterstock_362487254.jpg

  1. Pushkar

Pushkar is known for its Camel Fair, which is an annual camel and livestock fair that goes on for five days. A camel ride here takes you through the tiny hamlets in the area where you get a meet-and-greet from the friendly locals and get acquainted to their rustic way of living. The ride also provides the best views of the Aravalli ranges, along with bewitching sunsets.shutterstock_1119989843

You can also spend an entire day just street-shopping, in colorful shops selling eclectic scarves, skirts, and shirts to take back as gifts or mementos.

Whichever cities you choose to ride through, you cannot go wrong with a camel safari experience in India.

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